We are an award-winning music and sound agency that has always been committed to excellence.

We set the standard for exceptional music and sound creatively, technically, sustainably, so you can achieve the extraordinary impact you seek.

We have helped companies around the world create meaningful work.


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Music, Sound & Voice.

As an agency and production company for music, sound and voice, Campera Media creates personalised sound experiences for major brands in brand communication. We make sure that our clients are heard in a noisy world. Clients in Germany, Europe and all over the world will find the right advice from us - with a team of consultants and creatives, music and sound artists, studios in Cologne and a strong international network of studios and partners. Together we cover all industries with our experience - from the simple jingle for the local small business, to the mega budgeted Hollywood production for Netflix and Co.

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We offer a variety of high-end sound services


Research, conception, supervision

Composition and production

Artist & Music-Brand Partnerships

Sync & rights clearance

Playlist & Brand Library Curation & Management

Licensing and rights management

International publishing, label and management network



Design and production of sound UI / UX

Sound Logo

Sound Design

Sonic Branding

Sound quality and volume management

Global network of partner studios



National & International Voices Casting

Conception, negotiation, contract drafting & buy-out management


Recording and editing/processing

International localisation

Speech synthesis and voice cloning

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