Audible Statements:

Brand Sound.

Acoustic brand management is the keyword. Purely auditory content and specialised acoustic touchpoints are becoming increasingly important in our everyday lives. Consumers are no longer just recipients of advertising messages for brands. They are users, content streamers, viewers and conversation, sound and language are important partners - for brands and consumers alike.

Hearing is the most intimate human sense. Strategic sonic branding (corporate sound identity) makes an important contribution to the seamless connection of brand experience and customer journey. The targeted use of music, sound and speech significantly improves communication efficiency. Production processes are simplified and can be better coordinated.

The goal of a solid branding strategy must be to communicate more relevant and effective content while using budget and time more efficiently.

We offer a variety of high-end sound services


Research, conception, supervision

Composition and production

Artist & Music-Brand Partnerships

Sync & rights clearance

Playlist & Brand Library Curation & Management

Licensing and rights management

International publishing, label and management network



Design and production of sound UI / UX

Sound Logo

Sound Design

Sonic Branding

Sound quality and volume management

Global network of partner studios



National & International Voices Casting

Conception, negotiation, contract drafting & buy-out management


Recording and editing/processing

International localisation

Speech synthesis and voice cloning


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